Rates & Insurance

Please see the individual services pages for specific details related to pricing.

Unconstipated Kids' providers have advanced training in pediatric pelvic health services, and provide a holistic, comprehensive approach that we believe to be able to best help your child and family quickly and effectively reach your goals. We know there are other approaches available to you, but we view our approach and techniques to be innovative, and life-changing. We hope you find success with us soon!

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Insurance and Rate FAQ's

Why is Unconstipated Kids not enrolled with any insurance?

Physical therapists working for Unconstipated Kids are considered out-of-network, and are cash-based providers. This allows ample time for evaluation and treatments that would otherwise be restricted by insurance reimbursement requirements.

Can I bill my insurance for reimbursement of my out-of-pocket expenses?

It depends on your insurance. For most clients, yes. You can send "self-claims" to your insurance company for skilled therapy treatments. All services provided by Unconstipated Kids are paid directly by the client. Call your insurance company and ask what your reimbursement rate is for an 'out of network provider.' This depends on your current out-of-pocket for the year, as well as your deductible. After therapy appointments, you will receive 'superbills,' with details of what PT services were provided. You can then submit this to your insurance company for reimbursement right now. Other than providing the superbill, Unconstipated Kids doesn't support this reimbursement process. Please note, this is only applicable for therapy appointments, which does NOT include: coaching services, online courses, or any other 'non-therapy' labeled service.

For MEDICARE beneficiaries, the US government has laws that control where you can spend their healthcare dollars. Because we do NOT participate with Medicare, we can only accept Medicare patients who need skilled PT services when the patient does NOT want Medicare billed for any skilled PT services. Remember, wellness and fitness visits are never covered under insurance. This request to not involve Medicare must be made up front by the patient/healthcare power of attorney and be of the client’s own free will. If you do not want Medicare involved and you ask up front that Medicare not be billed for your care, WE CAN PROVIDE YOUR THERAPY. However, if you want to use your Medicare benefits for your skilled PT visits, we can not perform your treatments. We will happily provide you with Medicare providers in your area.

Do you accept Medicaid?

For MEDICAID beneficiaries, the US government has laws that control where you can spend their healthcare dollars. Because we do NOT participate with Medicaid, we can only accept Medicaid patients who need skilled PT services when the patient does NOT want Medicaid billed for any skilled PT services. You will be required to sign a form upon starting therapy services that you waive the right to use your Medicaid dollars for services with Unconstipated Kids.

I don’t live in Texas. Can you still help me?

Unconstipated Kids currently offers a few options for out-of-state clients.

  • Three day intensives
  • Virtual Coaching
  • The "PT Compact" allows physical therapists to treat clients in other states belonging to this "PT Compact." Clients will be accepted as virtual therapy clients on a case-by-case basis, dependent on specific factors related to complexity of your child's presentation, and feasibility of your child to participate in telehealth services - because it isn't appropriate for everyone!
  • Different situations will be best suitable for different solutions. Please watch these videos to hear more about our services directly from Dr Keller, or reach out and email us at therapy@unconstipatedkids.com with specific questions!

Do I need a doctor's order?

Texas is a direct access state with limitations for both physical therapy and occupational therapy services. This means Unconstipated Kids can independently complete an evaluation for both OT and PT services, but afterwards, OT will need a signed referral in order to continue to treat your child, and PT can treat for the 10 business days following that eval prior to needing a signed referral. A signed order may come from a physician or prescribing provider to continue therapy care. A prescribing provider (Nurse practitioner, chiropractor, dentist, Medical Doctor, etc) will need to sign it. Get a provider referral form under "patient center" and look for the "referral form" tab here.