Rectal Prolapse

The rectum is the very end of the large intestine that poop is stored in, until ready to be pushed out. Rectal prolapse occurs when part of the rectum is pushed through the anus and is then visible from outside the body. When prolapse occurs, the rectum may return back inside the anus into its appropriate position on its own, a person may push it back inside the anus, or rarely, stays outside the body.

Pelvic floor physical therapy will help to identify the contributing factors of your child's rectal prolapse and address those factors. Physical therapists who specialize in pediatrics and in the pelvic floor have the ability to identify if the prolapse is due to dysfunction in pressures, toileting position, or mechanics used to get the poop out; typically, it is a combination of those! Pelvic floor physical therapists can help your child achieve improved toileting habits that can work towards the elimination of the prolapse while continuing to improve overall pelvic health so that it will not return in the future.

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