Constipation can look and feel like many different things. Most research has agreed that having a bowel movement (BM), or pooping, once every 3 days up to 3 times per day is considered within the range of normal (infants are a bit different). However, constipation simply refers to the fact that a child is not passing a sufficient amount of stool on a regular basis. This means that a child may have a BM everyday, but because the amount of poop they pass daily is not enough for their unique body, poop remains inside and doesn't come out when the body needs it to; this child would be classified as constipated even though they have a BM daily.

A physical therapist who specializes in the pelvic floor will address constipation in a unique way that looks at many different possible factors throughout the body that may be contributing to the constipation. Your child's posture, movement patterns, diet, toileting habits, toileting position, stress management, pelvic floor muscles, and general strength and mobility can greatly impact your child's pelvic floor and its ability to work correctly.

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