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"Dr. Keller is amazing! She assesses every movement the child makes, while playing, then makes her recommendations specifically for the child. We are using her techniques with great success. The YouTube videos are a great resource as well! I highly recommend Dr Keller! "
Sep 07, 2023
"Unconstipated Kids was a Godsend! My son had multiple surgeries before he was 3 years old. The final surgery along with the pain meds prescribed caused an unknown issue of constipation. Once I began potty training my almost 4 year old I realized he was having trouble understanding how to poop in the potty. I figured he just wasn’t ready. Months passed and he kept pooping small amounts everyday, his pediatrician just said it was normal and prescribed miralax. After one dose he was a completely different little boy (in a terrible way) and I never gave him miralax again. I was left though with him pooping small amounts all day long. Fast forward several months, our family moved to Katy. I found a new pediatrician and mentioned our potty troubles and she told me to take him to have an X-ray. This brought to light that my son had a massive blockage. He was admitted and stayed in the hospital for a full week for a clean out. This worked… temporarily. Now the blockage was gone but my son could not and would not push put poop. I found Dr. Caitlin and contacted her immediately. I had tried everything and toileting had become a huge stressful and emotional activity. She diagnosed him and said he had been backed up for so long his body did not understand that it needed to rid of poop. Not only did his pelvic floor need to be completely trained but his brain needed to be retrained as well. This was a desperate time and I honestly didn’t know if we would ever come out. Without Dr. Caitlin we never would have come out. She helped my son in a way that no one else could. No medicine! Only exercises, diet and therapeutic training to help him learn to not withhold. We are forever grateful! My son is running, jumping like never before and completely regular. As well as overwhelming proud of himself every time he goes poop in the potty! "
Sep 25, 2022
"We have had the BEST experience with Unconstipated Kids! Pelvic floor physical therapy has helped my daughter go from withholding to having daily bms. We are so thankful for Dr. Caitlin and all of the resources she has provided us! "
Dec 20, 2021
"Dr. Keller was very prompt answering my questions. She made suggestions and offered tips in order for our son to succeed. We have had issues with constipation from a very young age and our son started potty training at 2.5 and is now 4 and still struggles but a lot of his issues are dairy. We are succeeding so far and very proud of our son. "
Nov 06, 2021
"Toileting issues are the WORST!!! Am I right?!? It’s so easy to get frustrated and lose patience, at least that’s my experience. Taking this Unconstipated Kids Course empowered me with the knowledge and compassion I needed to be able to work with my daughter. She has been struggling with stool withholding. After our pediatrician and gastroenterologist recommended giving Mirlax (for about a year), I was desperate for a new tactic. After taking this course, we are on the road to more toileting independence. This course not only gave me the knowledge I needed to come up with a new plan, but it gave much advice one suggestions on things to try. Caitlin has also been so wonderful and responds to my crazy mom DM’s with empathy and encouragement. I am so grateful for her support!"
Oct 14, 2021
"I am so thankful that God brought Caitlin into our lives to help my daughter who was having frequent urination due to incomplete voiding and constipation. Before Caitlin, I took my daughter to so many Doctors including her pediatrician who first misdiagnosed her to be having a UTI even though the culture came out negative. Then, she was seen by two different urologists. First, Urologist misdiagnosed her with pollakiuria, a disorder brought on my stress or anxiety and assured me she will grow out of it but it can take anywhere from 3 to 6 months. Then, the bed wetting started! My daughter has not wetted the bed in 3 years and this started again. That is when we went to the ER because I felt like I was just getting the run around. They did an X-ray and told me she was very constipated and tried to do an enema on her which my daughter screamed to and refused so, we did a full clean out with Miralax over the weekend. She then was seen by a GI who told her to keep her on Miralax for 6 months and to bring her back after 6 months. Even with the Miralax, my daughter was not fully evacuating her stool. Her frequent urination did decrease from every 15 minutes to every one hour but still, it was affecting her in her daily activities so, I had to pull her out of school and do virtual school. Finally, I took her to a urologist PA who recommend she sees a pelvic floor physical therapist as her uroflow test revealed she cannot fully empty the urine. These problems was onset and she never had such issues before age 6. The PA gave me a pelvic floor PT via hospital who had a 6 month wait. I couldn’t wait that long! I got Caitlin’s number from the PA. During the consultation with Caitlin, by just observing my daughter pee, she was able to understand what was wrong with my daughter. My daughter has pelvic floor dysfunction due to her not being able to relax her pelvic floor muscles. Caitlin asked if there was any mental trauma that occurred recently and also an insight on her behavior. After the consultation, I realized a few weeks before my daughter started these issues, she did have a traumatic covid test experience. Also, my daughter’s way of coping stress and anxiety was to hold on to her abdominal muscles and clenching her jaw. Caitlin explained to me thoroughly how the pelvic muscles work and the correlation between the jaw and abdominal muscles and the pelvic floor. Moreover, how mental trauma can also affect the pelvic floor! Then, she told me she can help my daughter by doing exercises daily to relax her pelvic floor muscles. I was very anxious as I did not understand how to get a six year old to do exercises to relax these internal muscles she cannot see. How can a six year old master diaphragm breathing? Caitlin was so patient and came to my house personally for few sessions and we did the rest of the sessions via tele-health. After few sessions, Caitlin recommend I take my day to a play therapist who can help her combat stress and anxiety through play. This was very needed! Due to Caitlin’s recommendation, the play therapist was able to diagnose with sensory processing disorder where I found out certain textures, smell, sound so forth is affecting my daughter. The play therapist also recommended her see an occupational therapist who has helped my daughter combat the sensory issues. In the beginning, my daughter did the exercise regimen 3 times daily. Even though she is 6, she was able to do the exercises and understood how her pelvic floor worked. She was able to understand and feel internally what her body is telling her in regards to her bowl habits. Within a few weeks, the bed wetting stopped. I was able to wean my daughter off Miralax completely! She uses a squatting potty to elevate her legs to completely evacuate her stool. She sits in the potty after her breakfast daily. It took about 7 months but I am so happy to say that my daughter got her life back! She has a bowl movement every day. She is back in all her activities and in school. She urinates normally every 3 to 4 hours than every one hour. Even though she is regular now, she still does her exercises every morning and uses a squatting potty for toileting whenever she is at home. She learned to listen to her body and uses the bathroom when she has the urge. She graduated out of physical therapy! She still sees her play therapist still to learn how to cope with stress and anxiety. I couldn’t have done all this without Caitlin’s intervention. I don’t believe in anyone having to use laxatives for long term! I believe in pelvic floor physical therapy even for children but it does take work and patience! "
May 14, 2021
"Even before I purchased a package, Dr. Keller was extremely wonderful in helping me navigate through some of the chronic constipation issues my 3 year old has been dealing with. I was incredibly lost and felt my pediatrician was zero help. My daughter was dealing with constipation and poop leaks daily. So I sent Dr. Keller an email. She shared several helpful resources that explained things in a way I finally started to understand as a parent. Once we met with Dr. Keller, it was very apparent that she really knows her stuff and knows how to work with kids and explain things easily to parents. My 3 year-old's focus was very limited during her evaluation, but Dr. Keller was super patient with her. She gave my daughter exercises to complete, gave her language to use with me moving forward that really changed how we were able to communicate about her body, and also gave me a few new tools to help supplement the work my daughter was doing. More than anything, Dr. Keller assured me as a parent and gave me a qualified sounding board to ask questions and seek advice. I'm so incredibly grateful that we were able to work with her. She helped me feel a little less lost in navigating this overwhelming world of constipation. When we first met with Dr. Keller, the thing I was most ready to overcome was the miralax battle. We found a great alternative through Dr. Keller that ended the pleading battles of "just drink your juice!" in our house. In the last month, after several months of using the alternatives, we have slowly weaned off these and my daughter is still successfully pooping in the potty! "
Mar 15, 2021

Success Stories

“Caitlin worked with my daughter starting when she was 3 years old. My daughter had struggled with rectal prolapse from constipation for a year and a half. We had tried treating the constipation with medication and then a doctor recommended physical therapy with Caitlin. I was blown away at what all Caitlin taught us about the ins and outs of pelvic muscles, GI tract, and diet. She taught my daughter how to understand her body, which then also meant our whole family learned more about our own bodies. My daughter hasn’t had another prolapse since working with Caitlin for 7 months.” -Brittany G.
“Dr. Caitlin’s posts should be required reading for all adults who help raise babies and young children. As a preschool teacher, parent, and now grandmama, I have seen a lot of pelvic floor difficulties. But until I started reading these straightforward entries, I never really knew what to do. Even the symptoms I had experienced myself were a mystery. How much easier life could have been if I had read this blog years ago! When my first grandchild had reflux and trouble pooping, even before he was eating solid food, I knew there had to be help available. Then I found Dr. Caitlin. Her openness, gentle humor and clear style have educated everyone around this little one. We were able to take small steps to achieve a good degree of pooping comfort and pelvic health by age 3. Now we have this reference whenever we hit bumps in the road ahead. Thanks, Dr. Caitlin!” - Joan G.
“We met Caitlin at Texas Children’s Hospital in 2019. Caitlin was recommended to us by our speech and occupational therapists. Caitlin is extremely well respected among her peers and esteemed for her unique skill set and professionalism. Caitlin worked with my son, Preston, for roughly six months during which time he made remarkable gains. Preston has a history of extreme prematurity, tracheostomy, feeding tube, hydrocephalus, brain bleed and severe autism. Preston struggled with motility issues that caused severe pain, feeding difficulty, an exacerbation of autism symptoms and made potty training impossible. When our other therapists suggested that Caitlin might be able to help Preston with pelvic floor therapy, we were both hopeful and skeptical. At age nine, Preston had been to every therapy available to him and was working with other exceptional therapists. We entered treatment with Caitlin with cautious optimism. We were immediately won over with her warmth, extensive knowledge and ability to connect with Preston in a meaningful way. Caitlin’s quiet confidence made me feel at ease. She has a way of normalizing conversations that may otherwise be awkward and offering practical solutions without judgment. After six months of working with Caitlin, my son’s motility issues drastically improved and he was able to use the potty for the first time. It was his greatest milestone to date. A milestone made possible because of Caitlin. We can recommend Caitlin Keller with the utmost confidence.” - The Bishop Family