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Find other Pediatric Physical Therapists:

The small number of pediatric pelvic floor physical therapists is just that - small! Unconstipated Kids has a goal to help direct families to other practitioners if Unconstipated Kids is unable to support them.

If you are a practicing pediatric physical therapist, please CONTACT US and let us know! We'd love to point kids and their families in the right direction towards optimal care!

Are you looking for a Pediatric Pelvic Health Physical Therapist to treat your child?

If Unconstipated Kids is unable to virtually treat in your state through telehealth, a great place to find a provider who can treat your child is by first finding a pelvic health therapist who doesn't necessarily treat primarily children. Pelvic health therapists treating the adult population are easy to find. From there, they can either treat your child or help you find another therapist who can!

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