Vomiting and Rumination

When a drain in your kitchen clogs, water and food debris back up through the sink. Similarly, when a child’s bowels are full (through slow digestion or constipation), food may not be able to be digested. Vomiting occurs immediately after a meal, and may either be related to food sensitivities, or to constipation and a digestive system full of poop. Rumination is a more complex scenario, but also involves food sitting undigested in the stomach, and many hours later being vomited up again.

Physical therapists specially trained in pelvic health are able to identify possible reasons why the vomiting takes place, and then appropriately help fix those reasons. Food sensitivities can be identified, and diets can be adjusted. Vomiting due to constipation can be addressed by fixing the root cause of constipation. Often with chronic constipation, abdominal tissues get tight from the forceful vomiting, which can lead to a tight, painful, less mobile abdomen. This tight abdomen leads to decreased mobility of the digestive tract, and can further slow digestion, leading to more vomiting.

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