Online Courses

Click on the link for access to our Teachable school, where you can take any of the following courses!

SOS Toileting. A basic overview of the top items that often help a child improve their toiling skills, and increase urine/stool output during toileting. To-the-point, quick to take and digest, with easy-to-implement action items.

Bladder Health. A course offered over the course of 6 weeks, will cover basic bladder health items, how to improve your child's daytime pee leaks, and the last week is all about nighttime wetting!

Constipation Resolution. Basically, all of the education and information covered in the first 4-6 sessions of individual therapy services. In depth, and NOT a short course! This is for the nerd at heart who wants to know more about the "why" reasons items in SOS Toileting are recommended!