Quiz: Do I Need Unconstipated Kids?

This short quiz is designed to present a picture of your child’s current toileting skills and what services you may benefit from by Unconstipated Kids LLC. When answering please know there are no right or wrong answers, and your answers will remain private.
  • If you answer “yes” to any of these questions, your child may benefit from services provided by Unconstipated Kids.
  • YesNo
    Do you feel that your child’s pee or poop routine is in control of your family’s life?
    Does your child complain of belly pain, low appetite, or struggle to gain weight?
    Does your child have difficulty during attempted bowel movements (poops)? (red-raced, grunting, straining, or report pain).
    Has your child been potty trained over one year ago, and also struggles with pee or poop leaks at any time of day (daytime or nighttime)?
    Does your child pee on the toilet, and then shortly after report a need to pee again?
    Does your child’s underwear have staining?
    Does your child ever have reflux, spitting up, or vomiting?
    Does your child have a history of frequent urinary tract infections (UTIs)?
    Does your child require medications, enemas, suppositories or supplements to assist with bowel movements?
    Has your child ever had surgery related to the large intestine? (This may include anal atresia, placement of a colostomy bag, or pullthrough surgery as typical for Hirschprung’s Disease).
    Would you like us to reach out to you to set up a free 15-minute consultation?