One Year?!

…One Year?!

May 6, 2020

Well that was unintentional.

About a year ago, I was roughly 5 months pregnant, beginning to put a focus on preparing myself physically and emotionally for labor and mommyhood, and was beginning to slowly decrease my patient caseload at work. I had every intention of keeping up with this site, even if it was a bit less frequent.

Apparently, my interpretation of "less frequent" meant something different than originally planned!

So here I am again, ready to dive back in! I'll begin posting again regularly, soon! But for now, (if you want it), here is a bit of an update! (With an interesting twist on how our son is doing!)

Last year, I read so many books on birthing, I spoke with my pelvic floor peers about preparation for our planned homebirth, and I was emotionally in a great place. However, after 36 hours of laboring at home (which I actually enjoyed), our baby was showing signs of decreased tolerance to labor. After our unplanned and emergent cesarean birth, we learned he was "playing jump rope with his umbilical cord," as our doula worded it.

Keller, Caitlin and J

Our birth photos were beautifully done by Kelly at:

I needed time to heal, both emotionally and physically.

After our son's birth (for his privacy, I'll call him "J" on here) played out much differently than expected, I needed more focused time on healing, transitioning, and learning. And I'm sorry to say, that's what lead me to this year long hiatus.

But I'm excited to be back! There have been an increasing number of experiences I've had lately, stories I've listened to, and feedback that I've gotten, that have led me to feel refueled and energized to get back to my computer to pour time back into my site here. One of these experiences is how J has struggled a bit with constipation himself! Look for a post coming soon about what I noticed, and how I've been helping him through it!

Ultimately, I'm back at my original motivation for creating this site.

I want to plug back in and help more families.

I'll be regularly writing again, and I have plans on expanding how I'm reaching out to others. If you have any specific things you'd like to speak with me about, please contact me!

In the meantime, stay well.

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